Amazon’s Vendor Central ‘Permanently Unavailable’ ASINs: What to Do When Orders Still Come Through?

If you’ve decided to make one or more of your Amazon listings “Permanently Unavailable,” you might think that you’re done with that listing – but unfortunately, you’re not. You will continue to receive purchase orders for those listings, no matter what you do. In this article, we’ll tell you how to stop receiving purchase orders (POs) after making your ASINs permanently unavailable.

The term “permanently unavailable” is used by Amazon to describe a product that can no longer be purchased or ordered. You may find this option on Amazon Vendor Central under Availability.

You may continue to receive purchase orders, even though the ASINs have been marked as “Permanently Unavailable.” However, keep declining the orders and by default, Amazon’s system marks it with an exclusion after receiving at least 3 purchase orders for that ASIN. As soon as your ASIN is excluded the system stops sending the purchase orders. You may also open a case for Amazon Support do it manually for you when it is not being flagged by the system automatically.

Although, it may look simple unless and until you have a long list of ASINs that need to be flagged as “Permanently unavailable” then you might consider taking the help of Amazon’s expert like to manage your orders and keep track with the Amazon Support team continuously for each open cases.

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