How to fix Suppressed Listings on Amazon Seller Central?

Why do suppressed listings exist?

Suppressed listings on Amazon come from a few different sources. Most suppressed listings are automatic, which means that they’re created when a seller’s product gets booted from the catalog for violating some type of rule. This can be anything from duplicating content to publishing customer details in the listing text.

Suppressing a listing makes a product unavailable to potential customers in Amazon’s catalog. Supposedly this is done in order to provide the customer with the best content, including high-quality images and data that helps them make purchasing decisions.

Amazon suppresses product listings for a variety of reasons. The following are some common reasons behind Amazon listing suppressions:

  • A product listing with a misleading or nonfactual product description.
  • Category or browse node missing.
  • Listings that lack brand information or contain important details.
  • Listings with no main image.
  • The images on the product’s detail page do not meet Amazon’s product photo requirements.
  • Too long product title that exceeds the character limit.

Click the Inventory option in your seller account, then Manage inventory.

Click Search Suppressed and Inactive Listings from the horizontal menu.

Note: “Suppressed” can only be seen if Amazon has suppressed any of your product listings to improve. If there is no suppressed listing this will not be shown.

On the “Fix your products” page, you may look at all Suppressed listings., or click Attribute to filter by specific type of issue.

Following are the 4 ways to fix a suppressed listing:

Option 1: Enter the missing values in the text fields or select the missing values from the drop-down list and click Save are the only steps needed.

Option 2: When a listing cannot be fixed through an editable grid like mentioned in Option 1 one can go to the listing and click Edit. Once you’re in the Edit product info, the missing information is highlighted along with detailed information pertaining to the issue. As soon as the missing information is entered one needs to click Save and Finish. In the case of Images, one must upload the correct image while keeping the image requirements in mind and click Save and Finish.

Option 3: One can also fix suppressed listings in bulk using an Excel file.

Option 4: Open a case on Amazon Seller Central support will not let you miss a listing error.

Amazon is a tough nut to crack when it comes to selling items. Sellers must handle a variety of responsibilities, including marketing, supply chain management, and case management particularly when it comes to managing their own brand. It can become a little overwhelming when you’re constantly monitoring Amazon product listings, attempting to keep them from being sold by other people.

At, we take the headache out of Amazon seller management so brands may focus on nurturing innovative products and businesses.

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