VSSC Amazon Template

Product listing with new VSSC template for Amazon Vendors

We @ StaffCloud.net provide a wide range of Amazon Product uploading and listing services. This Comprises product data scrape from various sources, product listing on Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central, proper product categorization and browse node assignments, product image editing and uploading, etc. Moreover, we have years of experience in bulk product uploading for large volume projects. Our professional team makes sure that the information is added only from trusted online sources like the brand’s website, it is factual and relevant to the product only.

There are two types of inventory file template that we use for bulk product listing. The first one is an old New Item Setup template and the new one is called VSSC (Vendor Self Service Catalog). They both are basically supplied in an excel sheet format. Here we will see the differences between both templates.

Old NIS Template:

1) The old New Item Setup (NIS) template is going to be deprecated soon by Amazon and will be succeeded by VSSC.

2) Essentially, it is downloaded for the one whole department. Example: Electronics, Home, etc.
3) It contains multiple data columns for describing the products.
4) Basically a department is made of multiple categories and subcategories which makes it difficult for the one to assign relevant sub-category and leaf nodes to the product from the large dropdown list.

5) The other disadvantage is the large list of data columns since it is meant to design for a department. One has to go through these columns to figure out the most appropriate attribute for the product to fill in the information and may feel tedious at times.

New VSSC Template :

1) On the other hand VSSC is very intuitive and lightweight relatively.
2) You may generate a template to fit your particular requirements and use a single template to list various types of products across multiple categories.
3) The templates provide the right Browse Node, eliminating the use of Browse Tree Guide to find them.
4) It contains data columns (attributes) specific to the product type only.
5) Selection of the correct category and browse nodes gets very simple as one would get small dropdowns specific to the product type.
6) VSS templates have already been rolled out on many marketplaces like Amazon Germany, Amazon Singapore, Amazon Australia, etc


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