Add Products to Amazon Vendor Central

Amazon Vendor Central is a web interface mainly used by manufacturers. Vendors are allowed to be first-party sellers and sell their products in bulk to Amazon, who will then separately resell them on their own accounts.

Generally, there are two ways of uploading products on Amazon- bulk upload with a template file or manual upload from the Vendor Central interface. Follow along to learn how bulk listing works through the template file method.

Bulk Listing Feature

Amazon Vendor Central offers a useful bulk listing feature that allows vendors to upload products at the same time, without opening separate tabs or windows.

Advantages of Using Bulk Uploads on Amazon Vendor Central:
  • Time-saving: Bulk uploading listings can save a lot of time when a vendor has a bunch of ASINs to add.
  • Consistency among listing variations: Sellers face challenges with maintaining consistency. With the help of the bulk upload tool, it’s easy to review all your listings and maintain consistency across them.
  • Prevent listing mistakes: The Bulk Upload feature helps prevent errors in listings by offering tailored recommendations for each field on the product.
Bulk Product Submissions

As mentioned earlier, Bulk product submissions are a fast way to submit products. They allow you to catch mistakes that are easy to make when submitting single products. Enter just a portion of the information needed for adding a new product with the Bulk Product Submissions sheet. You can fill in all the information later.

Follow these steps to list your product with the Bulk Product Submissions workflow:
  1. Login to Vendor Central Account:
    To log in to your Vendor Central Account please enter your username and password in the provided fields and click the Login button.
  1. Click on “add products”:
    Select- add products from the ‘Items’ tab
  1. Select the correct Category:
    Click on “Select Product Type” and select the correct category for the product. To add multiple product types at once, choose all categories and relevant sheets will be downloaded.
  1. Add product IDs:
    After selecting the product types, add the product IDs- UPC/EANs for all products. With a click of the “Submit” button, you will be redirected to a page where you can see if your products are eligible to be added to your catalog. If they are, click on “Download Spreadsheet.”
  1. Complete the spreadsheet:
    This is the spreadsheet that you will be using to enter all product details and upload to Vendor Central. Product category and UPC/EAN is already filled out from the above steps. Pay attention to the required fields that appear in red – they will vary depending on what type of product you’ve selected.
  1. Upload final information:
    Select the “Bulk Product Submission” option under the “Items” column. Drop the complete file and upload it as shown below.

Based on how correctly the spreadsheet is filled out, it tells if the product has been accepted or if there are any errors in it. If there are any errors, then just download an error sheet that will tell you exactly what fields need to be changed and you can update those until everything is approved.


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