Amazon Best Seller Rank

Amazon Best Seller: a key indicator of how well a product is selling!

The Bestseller list is based on recent and historical sales data. The most popular products are ranked based on past sales and updated hourly. A product ranking at position 1 means that it has sold more than all other products in the same category or subcategory in that time span. 

What are the best-selling product categories on Amazon?

Each bestseller is organized by product, then by category. Doing so will always show the categories with the most popular products at that moment.

Amazon’s top 10 most-selling product categories are:

Home & Kitchen
Sports & Outdoors
Toys & Games
Health, Household & Baby Care
Beauty & Personal Care
Kitchen & Dining
Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry
Baby Products
Garden & Outdoor

Increase in Sales with Best Seller Badge:

Absolutely! The badges can help increase the popularity of the products by showing customers which ones are highly demanding products. This will probably increase the click-through rate and conversion rate.

Amazon Best Seller Badge – What are the deciding factors?

To become an Amazon Best Seller Badge holder, products have to rank the highest in selling in their category over time.  Based on hourly basis updates, the top 100 rank achievers get the Best Seller Badge.

BSR is based on a number of factors, the most important and common of which are:

  • Past and current sales data- Best sellers are calculated by considering past sales as well as more predictive aspects.
  • Promotions and price changes- These can help to increase the number of sales for a product. It is worthwhile to provide discounts on a confirmed purchase, in addition to the use of Amazon Sponsored Advertising.
  • Competing products- Sellers are ready to take on their rivals if the seller’s metrics like product prices, delivery speed, and customer reviews are on top form and their Amazon listings are up to date. Products with a low price and tags like “Sold by Amazon” or “Fulfilled by Amazon” will likely be winners. Simply get these keywords on your page to win the BuyBox and rank higher in search results.

What can I do to boost my Amazon BSR?

  • Select the appropriate product category:

Because there are only 100 Best Sellers in any category on Amazon, it’s vital to choose a low-competition category for being a Best Seller badge holder.

  • Improve the listing contents:

Relevant keywords and a persuasive tone can help to improve the searchability of the products as well as conversion rates.

  • Fair pricing:

One of the best ways to improve the sales rank is to price fairly. The BSR will boost the products with reasonable prices. Focus on product ranking, product rating, brand value, customer fulfilment, and dedication.

  • Select Amazon FBA:

Amazon FBA is a great option for selling physical items. It lets you deliver products faster and hassle-free, which will lead to higher sales in the long run.

  • Optimize listing images:

Instead of reading the product description, most people look at Amazon product images. Using high-resolution, informative, and attractive images will help prospective buyers decide if they want to hit the Buy Box.

Along with these, focusing on keywords, advertising, and good customer service will also help the sellers in getting much closer to the Best Seller badge.

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