Amazon Retail Analytics Catalog Dashboard: A Handy Tool for Monitoring Product Quality

The product Catalog dashboard allows you to effortlessly examine the quality of your catalog by promptly accessing up-to-date details for your products.

How do you access the Catalog Dashboard on Vendor Central?

  1. Log in to your Vendor Central account using your credentials.
  2. Once logged in, navigate to the “Reports” tab or a similar section.
  3. Click “Retail Analytics”Amazon Retail Analytics
  4. Click “Catalog”Amazon Retail Analytics Catalog option

Entering the Catalog dashboardAmazon Retail Analytics Catalog Dashboard

The Product Insights Panel is readily accessible to all users, regardless of their roles or permissions within the system. Both vendors and users with access to ARA can view the Manufacturing and Sourcing views, provided they are manufacturers. Any changes to these views will be managed by retail stakeholders. If you require access to the Manufacturing view and believe it’s missing, please reach out to your retail partners or open a Contact Us case.

Differences in Viewing Options

While the Sourcing view is available to all users with access to ARA, access to the Manufacturing view requires the Financial Reports task-based role for non-administrators. Admins have all rights enabled by default and can modify permissions for non-admin users.

Frequency of Catalog dashboard updates

The Product Insights Panel updates automatically, reflecting the most recent ASIN attribute data available. Users will always see the latest update date; however, there is no option for manually selecting specific dates.

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