Amazon Seller Badges

Amazon Seller Badges help sellers boost sales by making customers trust the product more. The Amazon badges give the product a positive reputation, and they help sellers stand out from other competitors.

Types of Amazon Seller Badges

Best Sellers Badge

The Best Seller badge is the most sought-after label on Amazon, as it showcases the top 100 items in each category and is updated on an hourly basis. The Amazon Best Seller badge appears first when someone browses a category and is invaluable for boosting product and brand visibility.

Getting Best Seller Badge

The Best Sellers badge is earned by being the highest-selling product in its category or subcategory on Amazon. The badge has instant benefits but is difficult to earn in large categories. The Best Sellers Badge is strongly related to the same elements that affect the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

To enhance BSR, think about the following
  • Enhance product listing (SEO, correct product category, product images, keywords)
  • Concentrate on advertisements (Using Amazon PPC campaigns)
  • Keeping an excellent sales history
  • Providing products at the most competitive prices
  • accelerating sales
Amazon’s Choice Badge

The Amazon’s Choice badge helps customers find high-quality products quickly using voice search. This badge was launched soon after the launch of Amazon Alexa to make it faster for Alexa users to shop.

The Amazon’s Choice badge is shown on items that are highly rated, moderately priced, and delivered swiftly. This can be keyword-specific, allowing you to get the badge for multiple keywords at once.

Getting Amazon’s Choice Badge

To appear in Amazon’s Choice think about the following

  • Product listing enhancement for relevant keywords
  • Executing efficient PPC campaigns featuring relevant keywords
  • For quick shipment, use Amazon FBA
  • Monitoring the product ratings and reviews
  • Review the pricing
  • Reduce returns

Best Seller Badge & Amazon’s Choice: How do they differ?

Amazon’s Choice: Most products with this badge are sold by Amazon. SEO-sensitive badge, chosen based on their keywords.

Best Seller badge: The Best Seller Badge is granted to those items that have the highest sales figures and BSR in the relevant category.

New Release Badge

This badge is given to newly released items that sell well from the moment they become available. The New Release badge is aimed to increase attention to freshly posted items that do well within the 3-month period after they were created. How well products sell is the major factor for Amazon to grant a New Release badge, and the product must be exceptional compared to its rivals.

How to get it?

Consider these to earn the New Release Badge:

  • Make a compelling product listing (PDP)
  • Rank first in the category
  • Use PPC advertising to increase visibility and organic sales

Surpass the best-selling numbers of rivals in your category

Top Brand Badge

This badge is offered to high-quality and popular brands. This badge helps them stand out from other brands and helps customers find their products on the platform. The products that have this badge have a distinct page that allows customers to reach them.

To be selected by Amazon as a Top Brand Badge, it is necessary to have an extensive selection of products and significant sales figures.

Consider these to become a Top Brand
  • Build a quality brand on Amazon
  • Provide a broad assortment of items
  • Sell massive amounts
  • Retain high conversion rates
Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

In order to support the environment, Amazon has established the Climate Pledge Friendly badge to distinguish items that are eco-friendly. This green ribbon is the only certification Amazon has outlined precise standards for products to receive.

A product must acquire a certificate from one of Amazon’s sustainability certification partners to obtain the badge. Once the product receives a certificate, Amazon will automatically add the Climate Pledge Friendly badge to the product’s listing.

Apart from the badge, products can also acquire a “Compact by Design” certification, which highlights the product’s environmentally-friendly packaging. Calculating a product’s unit efficiency can be found on Amazon Seller Central to determine which products qualify for the certification.

To earn this badge, items must be verified according to the parameters.

Other Badges

  • Coupons and Discounts

Customers may be enticed to purchase items with special badges that suggest they are getting a good offer. Some vendors may increase the cost of their product and then add a discount. Despite the fact that the cost may be the same as other vendors, the badge can draw people in. Nonetheless, providing coupons does come at a price since Amazon will take a commission for each coupon redeemed.

  • Deal Of The Day and Limited Time Deal

These badges are mostly used on Amazon’s Today’s Deal page to signify offers valid for a limited time. It is one of the most viewed pages on the website. 

Deal of the Day badge is awarded to those Amazon’s algorithm considers being the greatest discounts for customers that day.

The Limited Time Deal is normally spotted between the star rating and the price and is typically for items that are being offered for a 7-day deal by Professional Sellers. 

Both of these aspects increase the visibility of the product and potentially result in more sales.

  • Amazon Prime & Fresh

The Prime and Fresh badges are understandable to members of the Amazon paid Prime program because it provides them with many benefits, including free shipping and speedy deliveries for groceries in certain locations.

Advantages of Prime for the Seller

Prime items score higher in search results than non-prime products. Because of the timely shipment, this results in satisfied consumers. Many individuals have gotten so accustomed to expecting 2-day delivery or faster that they will not prefer anything other than prompt delivery.

  • Prime Day, Black Friday, Festive Season

These special badges can only be obtained during major events or promotions. To prepare for these big events, go to the Advertisement interface and select Prime Exclusive Deals.


Badge Best Seller Amazon’s Choice New Release Climate Pledge Friendly Discounts & Deals


Indicates the top 100 products in each category
Indicates best fit items for a specific keyword
New listings that do well in the first 90 days of their existence
Badge showcase eco-conscious items
Help buyers feel like they're getting a great deal and attracting even more people

How to get the badge?

Be the best-selling item in a particular category
Be the best product listing for a specific keyword
Be the best-selling products in a particular category within the first 90 days of product listing
A product must be certified by one of Amazon’s sustainability certification partners
Implement offers on Seller Account from Advertising interface


Orange badge, appears in SERP, next to category
Black badge, appears in SERP, next to keyword
Orange badge with New Release tag appears at the same place as Best Seller
Green-colored ribbon shown on product pages (PDP) and search results (SERP)
Badges appears just below the product price


Amazon Badges are a great way to draw in potential customers. Whether you’re trying to find the best-selling items or looking for high-quality branded products, these badges will put your products front and center in the eyes of consumers. 

It might seem difficult at first to obtain these coveted badges, but it’ll be worth seeing how much this simple change can improve visibility among shoppers

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