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Best Practices to Optimize the Product Titles for Amazon Listings to Increase Conversion Rate

Online shopping centers around browsing; in fact, the title of the seller’s listing can say everything someone needs to know about what a seller is trying to sell them. Different products will demand different information; StaffCloud makes sure that your optimized product listing gets seen by people who would want it.

Some Amazon categories can have up to 200 characters in the title but for search purposes, only about 50 are shown. This means it’s crucial to keep your titles short and concise.

To write a winning title, one should visualize their target audience and consider what they are looking for in terms of information. This can help craft a title that is relevant to the needs of the buyer.

A strong title includes essential information that can improve the consumer experience and increase the likelihood of a sale.

Essential Components of the Product Titles
  • Brand Name of the selling item
  • Search Keywords
  • Variant, Color, or Flavor of the item
  • Unit size / Quantity of the item

When creating a product title, the character count permitted is dependent on the category a seller’s listing falls into. While each category dictates a different number of characters for the given description (including spaces), it is best to consult the Amazon Style Guide for those recommendations and requirements.

Amazon recommends creating product titles that are descriptive enough so that customers can decide based on the title alone if they want to purchase it. Making a strong first impression is important, which means having a compelling title. Amazon states that not every product requires the same type of content in its title; however, every item has its own little story to tell and something unique about it that sets it apart from others.

For example, an item such as a laptop or tablet would need to be described in much greater detail than something like a pair of jeans. The below table shows some of the recommended formats for each category.

Examples of Amazon Product Titles by Category
Product TypeTitle Style
Cookware & CutleryBrand + Material type + Size + Product Type + Pack Size (if necessary)
BeddingBrand + Line/Pattern + Thread Count + Material + Size + Product Type, Color
Tools & GadgetsBrand +Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color, Pack Size
Small Appliances, Home EnvironmentBrand + Model Number + Model Name + Product Type, Color, Pack Size
Laptop/Desktop ComputersBrand + Model Number + PC Type + (Processor + RAM + Hard Drive Size + Operating system)
TablewareBrand + Pattern +  + Material + Product Type, Number of Pieces
Home, Bed, And BathBrand + Pattern + Material + Product Type + Quantity/Size, Color
TVsBrand + Model Number + Size + Product Type + Color
Video GamesBrand + Model Number + Product Type + Platform + Color
ToysBrand + Sub Brand Name + Model Name + Pattern + Color + Product type + Size
What makes the product title so important?
  • Ranking higher in searches, It helps customers find the seller’s product (when the title is optimized for search).
  • A catchy title captures a customer’s attention and entices them to explore more of the product.
  • Seeing the brand, flavor, color, variant, or size on a product title will make people more likely to click through to it.
  • Increase in sales as a result of the product’s improved visibility and elevated traffic.
Follow the requirements below to improve titles:
  • Keep the product name within 200 characters including spaces. A seller’s listing should contain at least 80 characters.
  • Use Title Case to capitalize the first letter of each word (if in English). Convert all words from uppercase to lowercase. For example, Bearington Baby Gus Brown Plush Stuffed Animal Teddy Bear, 13 inches
  • Use numerals instead of spelling out numbers. For example, Use “1 Litre” to show the capacity of an item in the title instead of “1L.” or “One Litre”.
  • Make sure not to capitalize Prepositions (in, of), Articles (a, an), and conjunctions (and, or).
  • Write out dimensions such as pounds, inches, feet, etc.
  • If the product is a multi-pack, mention the quantity. Example: Set of 3, 6-pack, Pack of 6, etc.
  • Remove restricted characters and extra punctuation characters, such as ™, ~, !, $, ?, _, ~, { }, #, <>, |, ;, ^, Æ, ©, ®.
  • Remove restrictive terms like Premium Quality, 100% Guaranteed, and 100% Genuine.
  • Add specific information such as the brand, color, and size. Don’t over-describe with too much additional text.
  • Make sure to avoid repeating information and remove any parts of the text from the title that is unnecessary.
  • Remove unnecessary synonyms, search keywords, or irrelevant keywords that are not related to the product.
  • Sellers should not specify any color in a listing title if they are offering multiple colors of the same product, as this allows customers to choose their desired color from the variations provided.
  • Remove any promotional adjectives such as incredible, excellent, awesome, remarkable, etc. that are used for marketing purposes.

How do’s best practices for Amazon Product Titles help you make your items stand out?

  • StaffCloud helps clients optimize their product listings according to marketplace requirements, staying up-to-date on the changing channel requirements and following the best practices for each marketplace.
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  • Our Amazon listing experts create parent and child ASINs and variation themes to generate effective variations in relevant categories, which are created manually through Seller Central or Vendor Central.
  • We are also an image editing service provider that provides professional product listing services. Basic image modification and resizing can also be done to comply with specific requirements to help make images look even better.
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