Fix Products in Amazon Vendor Central: A Step-by-Step Guide

Adding new products to Amazon’s catalogue is an essential step for sellers to make their items available for sale. However, during this process, errors can occur, preventing the successful listing of products. Identifying and resolving these errors promptly is crucial for sellers to ensure their merchandise reaches potential customers. In this article, we will explore common errors that may arise during product uploads and provide step-by-step troubleshooting guidance to fix them.

When using an online form to upload products, it’s not uncommon for errors to occur.

If you find that your uploaded products are not visible in your catalogue after 48 hours, follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

  1. In the items drop-down menu, select “Catalogue.”
  2. Look for the link “Fix products” on the page. Note that this option will only appear if there are products that require fixing.
  3. Beneath the products listed on your “Fix product” page, you may come across a convenient feature called the “Quick Fix” button. By simply clicking on this button, a window will promptly appear, presenting you with helpful suggestions derived from Amazon’s existing information. You have the flexibility to either confirm that your product matches Amazon’s recommendations or challenge them if necessary. In the latter case, you will be directed to create a “contact us” case to promptly address and rectify any discrepancies in the provided information.
  4. However, if “Quick fix” is not visible, it indicates that the product is still pending approval.
  5. In case you encounter “Conflicts with catalogue” errors, it means that the product’s values you entered do not align with the existing catalogue values. Click on “Quick fix” for each contribution and then select “Compare ASINs” to resolve the conflict.
    • Choose “Choose this ASIN” if you wish to align your product with Amazon’s existing catalogue values.
    • Alternatively, select “Suggest dispute” to contact the support team for further assistance in resolving the issue.
For bulk product uploads via spreadsheet, errors can also arise. To troubleshoot these errors, follow the steps below:
  • Review the errors by clicking “Download Processing Summary” under the “Spreadsheet upload status” tab in the Bulk Product Submissions section.
  • Once you have identified the errors highlighted in the downloaded spreadsheet, make the necessary corrections.
  • Return to the Bulk Product Submissions page and click on “Upload products” to re-upload the corrected spreadsheet.
Now let’s delve into some common errors and their corrective fixes:
Error messaging Steps to troubleshoot
External product ID: this information is required if you do not have a barcode exemption. Select the column heading to see more information.

If you possess a valid barcode, kindly furnish the data listed under External product ID.

In the event that you don't possess the barcode and require an exemption, please navigate to the "Contact us" section, select "Manage My Catalogue," and proceed with "New Item Setup."

Other missing attributes: this information is required. Check the Excel cell to see what required information is missing.

Please ensure that you supply the necessary values for the attribute that is currently missing.

The item entered was not from the drop-down that was provided. Select an item from the drop-down. For more information, select the column heading.

To rectify the invalid attribute value, please substitute it with a valid value from the available options listed in the template drop-down.

In the event that a drop-down selection is not accessible or you are unsure of the valid values, you can reach out to Amazon support by using the "Contact us" option, selecting "Manage My Catalogue," and proceeding with "New Item Setup."

This item already exists in our catalogue. You can add "${attribute_value}" for this field, or go through ‘interactive matching’ to align with the values in the template.

In order to address the attribute error, please replace the value with the recommended data that is already present in the Amazon catalogue.

If you are a brand owner and wish to modify the existing catalogue value with your own value, kindly send Amazon your valid GS1 (brand affiliation) certificate through the "Contact us" section, specifically by selecting "Manage My Catalogue" and proceeding with "New Item Setup."

There is missing information in this row for this SKU. Check the row for required information that is missing. "Expected at least '1' occurrence for this attribute. Please adjust."

Provide the recommended information as indicated in the error message and proceed with resubmitting.

The text entered is too long. Select the column heading for more information.

Adjust the input value to meet the specified threshold outlined in the error message. Click on the highlighted cell to learn about the character length requirements.

The type of item entered is incorrect (for example, text instead of a number). Select the column heading for more information.

To ensure the attribute is populated with a valid value, please replace the current value with one that is accepted for the attribute. To review the valid values accepted by the attribute, Click on the highlighted cell in the spreadsheet.

The value entered does not match the product that you’re trying to add. Make sure that you’re using the appropriate value (UPC, EAN, or GTIN).

If you do not possess a valid GS1 registration for the barcode, please review the barcode entry and substitute it with a valid value.

If the submitted barcode is already GS1 registered and you are still encountering this error, kindly send us your valid GS1 (brand affiliation) certificate through the "Contact us" section, specifically by selecting "Manage My Catalogue" and proceeding with "New Item Setup."

The text entered is too short. Select the column heading for more information.

Modify your entry to comply with the specified criteria. To review the required character limit for the attribute, Click on the highlighted cell.

The information you provided matches an item that is already in your catalogue (SKU: ${matching_sku}; ASIN: ${matching_asin}). It may be that you’ve changed the SKU. If you did, change it back to its original value. If not, edit the existing SKU that is in your catalogue instead of creating a new one for this ASIN.

To resolve the attribute error, replace the current value with one of the existing SKU values.

The external ID specified is invalid. Select the column heading for more information.

Provide a valid external product ID value that corresponds to the highlighted external ID type.

For EANs, ensure the value consists of 13 digits, and for UPCs, it should be 12 digits long.

If you used formulas to retrieve the data, kindly remove the formula and paste only the values.

The ASIN provided isn’t valid. Please provide a valid ASIN or leave the field blank.

Enter a valid ASIN in the merchant-suggested ASIN column. If the ASIN is not available to you, you may leave the attribute blank.

This field should not have been edited. Please change it back to the original value, '${original_value}'. For more information, select the column heading.
Revert the attribute value error back to the original pre-filled value and proceed with resubmitting.
HTML tags cannot be included in this field. Please enter a value that does not include HTML tags.

Remove the HTML tags from the highlighted attribute and proceed with resubmitting.

The value is not in the expected material composition format. Select the column heading for more information.

Provide a valid value for the product’s material composition.

To understand the format, review the column headings, tool tips, and the first example row of the spreadsheet.

The ASIN that was provided doesn't match any existing ASINs in our catalogue. Please provide a different ASIN or enter one of these ASINs in the field.

Include one of the ASINs mentioned in the error message into the merchant-suggested ASIN column.

The value entered isn't valid. It needs to match the pattern '${pattern}'. Select the column heading for more information.

Ensure that the values you have entered are in the correct format.

To understand the required format, review the column headings, tool tips, and refer to the first example row in the spreadsheet.

There are too many columns or entries for this type of information. Remove some of the columns or entries.

Remove any additional values or entries for the attribute.

To learn more about the attribute error and the maximum entry threshold, Click on the highlighted cell.

The value entered is too small or the value entered is too large.

Select the column heading for more information.

Ensure that the value is adjusted to meet the required criteria.

For more information regarding the character length requirements, kindly click on the highlighted cell.

You can't increase your cost using a spreadsheet. To request a cost increase, use the Edit Item Costs feature in Vendor Central.

To update the cost price of your product, navigate to the "Edit item costs" section.

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