How to create Virtual Bundles on Amazon Seller Central?

How to create Virtual Bundles on Amazon Seller Central?

Excited to delve into the dynamic world of virtual bundles – an invaluable resource for brand-registered sellers seeking to amplify their presence on the platform. Virtual bundles present a unique opportunity to package your existing branded products into alluring combinations without the need for physical bundling. This strategy not only drives sales but also elevates your brand’s visibility and competitiveness in the marketplace. Ready to harness this powerful feature? Let’s embark on a comprehensive step-by-step journey:

Ensuring Eligibility: Setting the Stage for Success

Before diving into the creation of virtual bundles, it’s essential to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria:

Brand Registry: Your brand must be registered with Amazon Brand Registry.

FBA Inventory: All products included in the bundle must be active and fulfilled by Amazon (FBA).

Individual Products: Each item must have its own unique ASIN and be in pristine “New” condition.

Brand Consistency: Only products from your registered brand are eligible for bundling.

Geographic Availability: Currently, virtual bundles are accessible exclusively on Amazon US.

Pricing Parameters: Bundles must be priced either lower than or equal to the combined total of the individual ASINs within. Deviating from this guideline may result in forfeiting Buy Box eligibility for the listing.

Step 1: Accessing the Virtual Bundle Feature

  • Begin by logging in to your Seller Central account and navigating to the “Brands” tab.
  • From the dropdown menu, select “Virtual Bundles” to transition to the dedicated virtual bundle creation page.How to create Virtual Bundles on Amazon Seller Central?

Step 2: Crafting Your Virtual Dream Team

  • Initiate the bundle-building process by clicking the “Add Products” button, which will present you with a search bar and a roster of your eligible products.
  • Handpick the products you wish to include in your bundle, with the flexibility to select between 2 to 5 items. Utilize the search bar or browse the list for seamless selection.
  • Opt for “Add to Bundle” for each chosen product to incorporate them into your virtual ensemble.

Tip: Strategic product selection is paramount. Choose complementary items that not only add value but also entice customers to consider purchasing them together. Consider customer preferences and thematic bundling approaches for optimal results.How to create Virtual Bundles on Amazon Seller Central?

Step 3: Defining Your Bundle Identity

  • Craft a captivating title that succinctly communicates the bundle’s essence while spotlighting its key products. For instance, “Coffee Connoisseur’s Bundle: French Press, Coffee Grinder, and Reusable Filters” effectively conveys the bundle’s contents.
  • Compose compelling descriptions and bullet points that articulate the bundle’s benefits and highlight the distinctive features of each included product.
  • Upload a high-quality main image showcasing all bundled products together, effectively encapsulating the essence of the bundle.
  • Set a competitive price reflective of the bundle’s value proposition.
  • Consider supplementing your listing with additional images (up to 8) to provide customers with a more detailed view of the individual products.How to create Virtual Bundles on Amazon Seller Central?

Step 4: Final Touches and Launch

  • Once satisfied with your bundle’s configuration, review all details to ensure compliance with Amazon’s Virtual Bundle Policy.
  • With confidence in your listing’s readiness, proceed to click “Save and Publish” to unleash your virtual bundle onto the Amazon marketplace.

Additional ways to Optimizing for Success in Bundles

  • Leverage A+ Content to enhance your virtual bundle listing with immersive visual elements and compelling product comparisons.
  • Explore targeted promotional strategies to drive traffic and bolster sales for your virtual bundle.
  • Continuously monitor your bundle’s performance and remain agile in adjusting pricing or content based on customer feedback and market dynamics.

By adhering to these steps and integrating the provided insights, you’ll be well-positioned to craft compelling virtual bundles on Amazon. Virtual bundles serve as a strategic avenue to showcase your brand’s value proposition while fostering engagement and driving sales. 

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