How to Find Best Seller Products on Amazon?

How to Find Best Seller Products on Amazon?

To know what’s popular on Amazon, sellers can look at the lists of “best-sellers,” “most-wished” or “new arrivals.” A niche market can also be searched for – if you’re looking for something specific.

This stage is all about discovering possible lucrative Amazon products.

Determine Amazon’s best-selling products

  1. Manual Method (Takes patience)

Amazon has many resources to carry out some of the tasks for this process.

    1. Examine the Best Seller PageThe Best Sellers Page is a list of the most popular products for sale in each category on Amazon. BSR is refreshed hourly and changes many times during the day.

      Perform a quick survey of which items are being bought the most. This research will enable us to decide on an appropriate niche. Furthermore, check the “related items” on Amazon that give you some ideas of how to expand the business. Choose products with low competition that is neither too expensive nor too cheap.

    2. Search products with low competitionIf a seller is trying to sell a product that already has more than 50,000 search results, then it will be extremely tough for your product to stand out amid the crowd and achieve the desired number of sales.
    3. Use BSR to select categories with minimum 3 results with Best Sellers RankIf it shows only one product with a high BSR and no other products are best sellers, it could be indicative of a very strong competitor in the marketplace. It is wiser to focus on item categories featuring many products with a high BSR because this signals that there is much demand in that particular niche and leaves enough space for your item to sell too.
    4. Analyze what rivals are offeringAmazon’s Best Sellers page gives an in-depth look at what your main competitors are doing, what items are best-selling, and items with good customer ratings and reviews. The seller can also monitor their competition outside of Amazon by searching the products outside Amazon, so sellers get to know what keywords are used to identify their products.

      In order to enhance your inventory, the “Customer Also Bought”, “Sponsored Products”, and “Frequently Bought Together” sections will also be a better possibility to analyze how people shop for what a seller offers.

  1. Automated tool Usage (Fast approach)

    Definitely, one of the fastest, most efficient, and time-saving methods of initiating product research.

    SellerApp – The extension is perfect for anyone looking to sell on Amazon. It not only has all the necessary product details but also monitors your competitor’s data with just one click.

    Jungle Scout – Provides monthly product sales and suggests less competitive products at first glance. Provides product tracking option to review them at a later stage.

    Unicorn Smasher – Still a great way to track Amazon product monthly revenue and sales projections.

    Helium 10’s Black Box – Identify low-competition, high-demand products across all categories on Amazon. Filter through the abundant information with a customized search for your needs and preferences; save, sort, and organize these results and make it easy to refer back later.

Some of the best seller products in the top 5 categories on Amazon

Books – Books are still very popular even though e-book sales continue to rise, there has been no drop in print versions or hardcover book sales either.

Electronics – Laptops, tablets, surveillance systems, and routers are most in demand. Selling electronics can be an easy way for a seller to make big money. However, this isn’t an easy product which makes it difficult when handling and transporting them and going up against huge competitors with deep pockets. Seem like a good opportunity for sellers who want to enter the game without all the hassles of stocking their own inventory.

Clothing – Sweatpants, boxers, golf shirts, and Sweatshirts sell the most in clothing. Customers jump to Amazon for offers, so ensure offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

Home and Kitchen – Kitchen thermometers, Clothes hangers, Table cloths, Humidifiers, and Skillets are the most popular among home & kitchen. It is possibly the most demanding category.

Toys & Video Games – The great-selling products in this category are Race cars, Dollhouses, Party games, UNO, and Picasso. The majority of these popular items are affordable and easy to buy for sellers. Also, they typically don’t come with any defects which may prevent numerous consumer complaints.

Ultimately, the key to success lies not only in focusing on what sells well for the moment – whether it’s this week or even this month but also on what people are buying consistently all year long. Selling quality items with minimal competition is a great way to sell successfully on Amazon.

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