How to Merge Duplicate 3rd Party Amazon Listing of Your Product?

How to Merge Duplicate 3rd Party Amazon Listing of Your Product?

Are you a seller on Amazon facing the issue of duplicate ASIN listings created by third-party sellers? Worry not, as resolving this situation is easier than you might think. In this concise guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to merge duplicate ASIN listings on Amazon Seller Central, ensuring a streamlined and professional shopping experience for your customers.

1. Identify Duplicate ASIN Listings

To begin, identify the duplicate ASIN listings by accessing the Amazon website relevant to your marketplace. Utilize search parameters such as UPC, Name, SKU, etc., to locate listings associated with your brand. Make note of these duplicate ASIN listings selling products under your brand.

2. Merging ASINs

a) Merging duplicate for a Single ASIN
      • Open Seller Central and proceed to ‘Account Health’.
      • Click on ‘Report Abuse’How to Merge Duplicate 3rd Party Amazon Listing of Your Product? Image 1
      • Select the ‘Product detail page violates Amazon’s policies or is misleading customers’ option and then select ‘The product listing is a duplicate of another product listing’ option under it (as shown in the screenshot below)How to Merge Duplicate 3rd Party Amazon Listing of Your Product? Image 2
      • Enter your ASIN under the “Original ASIN” box and 3rd party duplicate ASIN under Duplicate ASIN
      • Describe your issue in the comment box below it and click submit.
      • A support case will be submitted to Amazon for the issue.
b) Merging duplicate for multiple ASINs in bulk through an Excel sheet
      • Create an Excel sheet with the following columns

Original ASIN

Duplicate ASIN 1

Duplicate ASIN 2

Duplicate ASIN 3How to Merge Duplicate 3rd Party Amazon Listing of Your Product? Image 3

      • Depending upon the number of duplicate ASINs, you can increase or decrease the number of ‘Duplicate ASIN’ columns.
      • Add the original ASINs (your ASIN) in each row under the ‘Original ASIN’ column and all the corresponding duplicates for that ASIN in the same row under the ‘Duplicate ASIN’ columns.
      • Reach out to Amazon Seller Support for assistance. Navigate to the “Help” tab in Seller Central and select “Contact Us.” Choose the appropriate issue category (“Products and Inventory”) and select “Merge or Split Listings” from the dropdown menu.
      • Add the details for the issue along with the Excel sheet and justification for merging the listings (e.g., duplicate listings confusing potential customers).
      • Add any proof of your brand if needed or if you are a Brand Register seller, then do mention this in the case details.
      • Submit the case.

3. Await Amazon’s Response

After submitting your request, Amazon Seller Support will review the information provided and process the merge accordingly. This typically takes a few business days, so be patient and await their response.

4. Verify the Merged Listing

Once Amazon has merged the duplicate listings, verify that the process was completed successfully. Go back to Amazon and search for the item name. Ensure that only one listing exists for the merged ASIN.

5. Update Inventory and Product Details

After the merge is complete, review and update any inventory or product details as necessary. Ensure that all relevant information, such as price, quantity, and product description, is accurate and up-to-date.

6. Monitor for Future Duplicates

To prevent future occurrences of duplicate ASIN listings, regularly monitor your inventory and product listings. Stay vigilant for any unauthorized listings or product variations that may confuse customers. can help you identify such duplicates by searching the Amazon marketplace thoroughly and can efficiently help you merge them with your ASIN listings on Amazon Seller Central, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers and maintaining the integrity of your product catalog. Reach out to us today, and together, let’s enhance your presence on Amazon.

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