How To Submit Compliance Documentation In Amazon Vendor Central?

Step-by-step guide for Vendors to submit compliance certificates in Amazon Vendor Central.

It’s essential for Amazon that the products sold in their marketplaces are safe for customers to use. The safety and compliance of products sold on Amazon are paramount considerations for both vendors and the platform itself. If you are a vendor and wish to list your products directly on Amazon, you must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations, standards, and other policies relative to your selling products. Compliance with all the regulations and laws directed by the government plays an important role in ensuring customers’ safety.

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Amazon maintains a list of restricted product categories across its various marketplaces. Vendors wishing to list products in these categories must provide the necessary compliance documents to demonstrate alignment with regulatory and policy requirements. Some of the common departments that fall under restricted categories include:

  • Jewellery and precious gems
  • Beauty and body care products
  • Watches
  • Art: Home Decor/Fine Art
  • Health & Personal Care
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Shoes and Handbags
  • Grocery & Gourmet Foods
  • Dietary Supplements

As a vendor on Amazon, it is imperative to ensure compliance with regulations regarding the shipment of Dangerous Goods. Vendors must accurately communicate to Amazon whether their products fall under this category, providing all necessary product information by applicable laws and regulations. If the products shipped are regulated as Dangerous Goods, a vendor has to submit a safety data sheet (SDS) or any other required document specified by Amazon. Using this data, Amazon will examine the products and make sure it is handled, stored, and delivered correctly. Any wrong information could result in fines or penalties imposed on the vendor.

Depending upon the product type, a vendor needs to submit certain documents required to sell under those categories. The following are examples of mandatory compliance markings and documents, which may vary based on regulations in different countries:

  • CE Marking
  • Declaration of Performance (DoP)
  • Declaration of Conformity (DoC)
  • Test reports from accredited laboratories
  • Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)
  • Safety manuals and Instruction Manuals
  • Tracking labels
  • Safety data sheets (SDS), among others

It is important to note that certain categories require additional documents. If a vendor wishes to sell their products in the UK, EU, or United States, the vendor will need to provide the certifications and other documents as per the country’s regulations and guidelines. This requires a Vendor Central account.

Let us learn how to submit the compliance documentation in Amazon Vendor Central:
  • Compliance documents not yet submitted:

Step 1: Navigate to Items > Product Certificates. Under “Pending your action,” review the number of certifications required and any actions needed from the

Step 2: For missing compliance documents, click “View” to access the certificate submission

Step 3: Select the ASIN for which the certificate needs submission and click “Upload.”how-to-submit-compliance-documentation-in-amazon-vendor-central-img3

Step 4: Provide the required documents under “Document Type” and click “Choose files” to upload. You can select multiple files at

Step 5: After uploading, click “Submit.” A message confirming successful submission will be displayed. Submitted documents can be reviewed or edited under “Pending Amazon Approval.”

  • Rejected Compliance Documents:

Step 1: Rejected certificates will be listed under “Pending your action” > “Rejected compliance documents.”

Step 2: Click “Re-submit” to view the list of required documents again. Select “Modify” to view detailed instructions and required

Step 3: Choose updated documents and upload them by clicking “Add More Files,” then submit. Approved documents will be listed under “Approved by Amazon” in “Active Compliance Documents.”how-to-submit-compliance-documentation-in-amazon-vendor-central-img6

  • Expired Compliance Documents:
  1. Expired certificates or documents not submitted promptly may result in Amazon withholding purchase orders for affected ASINs. Renewal is crucial, especially for documents expiring within 60 days.
  2. To renew, navigate to “Pending your action” > “Expired certificates or Certificates will expire in 60 Days,” then click “Renew” and follow the steps outlined above.

If a vendor encounters challenges providing required documents for any ASINs, they can appeal to Amazon:

Step 1:  Click “You can also file an appeal.”how-to-submit-compliance-documentation-in-amazon-vendor-central-img7

Step 2: Select a suitable reason from the

Step 3: Describe the reason for the inability to supply the requested document (maximum 4000 characters).

Step 4: Click “Submit” to complete the appeal process.

  • To Pause Compliance Notifications:

Click the “Opt Out of Notification” link to stop receiving compliance notifications for the ASIN. This action also removes the ASIN from the Compliance Documents Not Yet Submitted page.

  1. Go to the Items menu > Product Certificates.
  2. Under Summary, locate Opted Out Requirements and click on it.
  3. Click “Modify” next to the ASIN you wish not to receive notifications
  4. Click the link provided – “You can opt back in to this requirement by clicking here.”
  5. Click the “Opt In to notification” option to resume receiving
Accessing Detailed Guidelines:

To access comprehensive guidelines:

  1. Log in to your Vendor Central account.
  2. Navigate to Support.
  3. Search for “Product Compliance” to find detailed guidelines.

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