How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool?

How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool?

If you’re a frequent Amazon shopper or a seller aiming to stay competitive, you’ve likely encountered Keepa. Unlock powerful insights with Keepa, the go-to Amazon price tracker for savvy shoppers and informed sellers. Track historical prices, set price alerts, and leverage browser extensions for a seamless shopping experience. Keepa empowers you to maximize savings and optimize sales strategies.

Almost every product on Amazon is trackable, except for a few subject to stringent marketing regulations. This powerful platform provides sellers with in-depth insights into items they wish to sell on Amazon.

The Keepa Browser Extension, compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers, as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android, enhances your Amazon browsing by displaying a price history graph directly on product pages, making product research effortless. But how does Keepa work?How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 1

Keepa’s Key Features

  • Price History Charts: Visualize historical pricing trends for over 4 billion Amazon products, identifying optimal purchase times and recurring sales patterns.
  • Price Drop Alerts: Set personalized alerts to be notified via email, browser, or mobile app when a product reaches your desired price, ensuring you never miss a steal.
  • Availability Tracking: Stay ahead of the curve and get notified when out-of-stock items are restocked, eliminating the frustration of missing popular products.
  • Sales Rank & Review Data: Gain valuable insights into market demand and product performance through sales Rank tracking and historical review analysis. Utilize data to inform your inventory management and pricing tactics for more informed decision-making.
  • Global Price Comparisons: Explore price variations across different Amazon marketplaces for a global perspective. Find the best deals internationally and leverage international buying opportunities.

Keepa streamlines the Amazon experience through its three core functionalities: Deals, Data, and TrackHow To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 2


Keepa’s “Deals” section transforms you into a discount detective on Amazon.

“Deals” is a product research database for finding discounted Amazon items. Enter a search request to get a list of results showing the average price, current price, and discount percentage. Click on any product to see its historical sales data and price changes over time.

This feature is limited to discounted products. For comprehensive tracking and statistical features, visit Keepa’s site to source price drop deals and ensure high-performing deals.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 3

Deal also offers advanced search filters and criteria, allowing to customize the search to match the specific requirements accurately.

Keepa Data is a comprehensive dashboard offering various features for Amazon product research. 

  • Product Finder: Search a vast product database using customizable filters (price, rank, brand, etc.) to discover high-potential Amazon listings.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 4
  • Product Viewer: Get detailed product data, including reviews and live offers, for the ASINs you upload. See the price and rank history visually through charts and set up alerts for price drops. Upload large product lists for quick price and rank history analysis.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 5
  • Product Best-Sellers: Explore top-selling products across Amazon categories, updated every 6 hours. Identify hot sellers and analyze their performance with detailed data.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 6
  • Top-Seller List: Uncover the leading Amazon merchants. Analyze their ratings, review counts, and product categories to understand their success strategies.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 7
  • Category Tree: Navigate Amazon’s entire category structure, complete with product counts and subcategories. Discover potential product niches with ease.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 8


The Keepa Price Tracker is your go-to tool for monitoring Amazon product prices. Set up price alerts for items you’re eyeing, and receive email notifications whenever there’s a change.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 9

If you’re browsing a product on Amazon that comes in different variations, simply click on the “variations” tab to view the price history for all variations collectively.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 10

Steps to create a Keepa tracker

  • In the search bar of Keepa or directly on Amazon, find the product to track.
    Choose the “Track product” tab under the product description then select the ‘Advanced’ option for tracking mode and set the desired prices for items sold by Amazon, third-party sellers, and used items (if applicable).
  • Specify the preferred price for lightning deals and tracking period from the dropdown menu and click “Start tracking.”
  • Keepa will now monitor the product’s price and alert you when it hits your target.
  • You can manage all your trackers by logging into your Keepa account on the web to sort, filter, and customize your view. Plus, you can set up price increase alerts to stay informed when a product exceeds your set threshold.How To Use Keepa Price Tracker Tool? Image 11

Keepa – Free vs. Pro: Choosing Your Tracker

Keepa offers a free plan with basic features like price history charts and limited alerts. For serious deal hunters, the Pro plan unlocks advanced features like unlimited alerts, stock tracking, and early access to new deals.

Beyond Keepa: Exploring Alternative Tools


Similar to Keepa, CamelCamelCamel also provides price history charts and deal alerts for Amazon products. Its browser extension ensures efficient price tracking.


Honey, renowned for its coupon-finding capabilities, also provides Amazon price tracking. With its browser extension, users benefit from price tracking, coupon codes, and seamless checkout.


PriceBlink is another browser extension that tracks prices across various retailers, including Amazon. Its price comparison feature and historical data make it ideal for thorough deal hunting.


Although not solely a price tracker, Slickdeals is a community-driven platform where users share deals, including Amazon price drops. It’s a valuable resource for discovering new deals shared by others.

The Amazon Effect continues to reshape the retail landscape, with fierce competition driving the need for sellers to maximize visibility and impact. In this dynamic environment, FBA sellers leverage powerful tools like Keepa to gain a competitive edge.

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