How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro for Market Share Analysis?


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, mastering Amazon’s vast marketplace is essential for sellers seeking to expand their market share globally. To navigate this competitive landscape effectively, successful sellers turn to advanced tools like Helium 10, with its powerful keyword research and analysis tool – Cerebro. In this article, we’ll explore how Helium 10 Cerebro can be a game-changer for Amazon and Walmart sellers, providing valuable insights, optimizing listings, and conducting crucial market share analysis.

1: The Power of Keywords in Amazon’s Success

Understanding the significance of keywords is crucial for any Amazon seller aiming to enhance their product visibility and capture a larger market share. Keywords act as the bridge between potential customers and your product. Helium 10 Cerebro specializes in unraveling this keyword puzzle, offering a range of features to optimize your Amazon strategy.

2: Keyword Research Made Simple

Cerebro simplifies the keyword research process by allowing sellers to enter a seed keyword, ASIN, or competitor’s product. The tool then generates a comprehensive list of associated keywords, providing a solid foundation for your product optimization journey and market share analysis.

3: Gaining Competitive Edge through Analysis

One of Cerebro’s standout features is its ability to conduct competitor analysis, a crucial aspect of market share analysis. By dissecting the keywords your competitors are targeting, you gain valuable insights into the competitive landscape. This knowledge can inform your strategy and help you identify high-performing keywords to incorporate into your listings and increase your market share.

4: Understanding Search Volume and Competitiveness

Cerebro provides essential data on search volume and keyword competitiveness, crucial metrics for market share analysis. This information aids in selecting keywords with the optimal balance of high search volume and lower competition, maximizing your product’s visibility and market share.

5: Unlocking Reverse ASIN Lookup

Curious about your competitors’ successful strategies? Cerebro’s reverse ASIN lookup feature allows you to discover the keywords for which a specific product is ranking. This valuable information empowers you to fine-tune your approach based on proven success, contributing to your market share growth.

6: Optimize Your Listings Effectively

Cerebro goes beyond keyword discovery, assisting sellers in optimizing their product listings. By suggesting relevant and high-performing keywords, the tool ensures that your titles, bullet points, and descriptions align seamlessly with customer searches, ultimately contributing to your market share expansion.

7: Tracking Success with Rank Tracking

Sellers can track the ranking performance of their products for specific keywords over time, a vital component of market share analysis. This ongoing assessment enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your optimization efforts and make necessary adjustments to stay ahead in the ever-evolving Amazon marketplace.

8: Filters and Sorting for Precision

Cerebro provides an array of filters and sorting options, allowing sellers to prioritize and focus on the most relevant and impactful keywords for market share growth. This level of precision ensures that your efforts are concentrated on areas that will yield the greatest results.

How to check Market Share Analysis with Cerebro?

Cerebro aids in uncovering your competitor’s keyword strategy. Let’s explore effective ways to use Cerebro to enhance your listing research.

  1. Begin by accessing the Cerebro tool in the Tools menu under Keyword Research.How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 1
  2. Before using Cerebro, research your target marketplace. Click the flag near the search field to access the marketplace options.How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 2
  3. After choosing your marketplace, start by entering the MAIN ASIN (your baseline ASIN), then add Competitor ASINs using the space bar. Once all ASINs are inputted, click “Get Keywords” to create a list for comparing competitor keywords.How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 3
  4. After pasting the ASIN, the page will show Filters, a summary section, and the keyword results at the bottom.How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 4
  5. Use the Filters section to refine your results and pinpoint the most relevant keywords for your research.How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 5
    Here’s a quick overview of each filter
    • Word Count: Number of keywords in the search phrase.
    • Search Volume: Estimated monthly searches on Amazon for the keyword.
    • Organic Rank: Detected organic search position for the analyzed product.
    • Match Type: Choose All, Amazon Recommended, Sponsored, or Organic.
    • Phrases Containing: Show phrases containing entered keywords (separated by commas).
    • Keyword Sales: Estimated monthly sales attributed to each keyword (US markets, Diamond plan or above).
    • Cerebro IQ Score: Ratio of search volume to competing products, indicating popularity.
    • Title Density: Number of page 1 products with the keyword in their title.
    • Competing Products: Total products in customer searches using the keyword.
    • Amazon Choice: Analyzed product, Other product, No badges, or Select all.
    • Exclude Phrases Containing: Exclude phrases with entered keywords (separated by commas).
    • Search Volume Trend: % change in search volume over the last 30 days.
    • Sponsored Rank: Last detected sponsored ad position in customer searches.How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 6
    • Position (Rank): First ASIN’s position in Amazon’s search results.
    • Relative Rank: Rank of the main ASIN relative to competitors.
    • Sponsored Rank (avg): Average position in sponsored results.
    • Sponsored Rank (count): Number of products with sponsored ads.
    • Amazon Recommended Rank (avg): Average rank for Amazon’s recommended keywords.
    • Amazon Recommended Rank (count): Number of products recommended by Amazon.
    • Competitor Rank (avg): Average rank of competitor ASINs.
    • Ranking Competitors (count): Number of competitor ASINs that ranked.
    • Competitor Performance: Index measuring competitors’ success.
    • Advanced Rank Filter 1: Set a min/max range of ASINs appearing in a certain organic rank.
    • Advanced Rank Filter 2: Set a min/max range of ASINs appearing in a certain organic rank.
  6. The summary section provides a quick overview of the results for the chosen ASIN(s).How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 7
  7. The bottom table shows filtered keyword results. In the top-right, find icons for Search, Settings, and Export Data.How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 8
  8. Clicking a column header will arrange the keywords based on that metric.How to utilize Helium 10 Cerebro 9


In the competitive realm of Amazon selling, capturing a larger market share requires strategic insights and powerful tools. Helium 10 Cerebro emerges as a crucial asset for sellers looking to unlock the full potential of their Amazon listings and conduct market share analysis. By leveraging its features for keyword research, competitor analysis, and listing optimization, sellers can enhance their visibility, attract more customers, and ultimately boost sales and market share. Incorporate Helium 10 Cerebro into your arsenal, and take a significant step closer to Amazon’s success and market share dominance.

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