Maximizing Success on Amazon: Harnessing the Power of the Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard


As an Amazon seller, your success hinges on the quality and visibility of your product listings. In this digital age, customers rely on search results to find the products they desire. To ensure your listings shine amidst the competition, Amazon offers a game-changing tool known as the Listing Quality Dashboard. Let’s delve into the remarkable benefits it provides and explore how it empowers sellers to optimize their listings effectively.

Enhancing Discoverability

The Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard acts as a guiding light, illuminating the path to improved discoverability for your products. By leveraging data-driven insights, it assists sellers in optimizing crucial aspects such as search terms, keywords, titles, and descriptions. These enhancements ensure that your listings are easily found by potential customers, significantly boosting your chances of attracting them and ultimately driving sales.

Safeguarding Your Visibility

Amazon enforces strict guidelines for product listings, and non-compliance can lead to suppression or removal. The Listing Quality Dashboard becomes your faithful companion in navigating these guidelines. It provides a comprehensive overview of your listing’s health, promptly flagging any critical issues requiring attention. By diligently addressing these concerns, you safeguard your product’s visibility and maintain a strong presence on the platform.

Elevating the Shopping Experience

A captivating and well-optimized product listing delivers an exceptional user experience, resulting in increased engagement and conversions. The Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard empowers sellers to raise the bar by providing valuable data-driven insights. It offers recommendations to enhance key elements such as product images, descriptions, and essential attributes. By acting on these suggestions, sellers can furnish customers with accurate and relevant information, leading to a superior shopping experience.

Fostering Customer Satisfaction

Low-quality listings often lead to disappointed customers and a surge in product returns. With the Listing Quality Dashboard, you can mitigate this risk by optimizing your listing’s quality. By refining product images, descriptions, and key attributes, you ensure that customers receive precisely what they expect. This attention to detail not only enhances customer satisfaction but also reduces the likelihood of returns, boosting your reputation as a reliable seller.

Gaining Insights

The Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard grants sellers invaluable insights into the performance of their product listings. From images and titles to descriptions and search terms, it offers a comprehensive overview. Armed with this data, sellers can make informed decisions on which areas require improvement, prioritize their efforts, and optimize their listings accordingly. By leveraging these insights, sellers can enhance the overall quality of their listings, attract a larger customer base, and ultimately drive sales growth.

Here are the steps on how to use the Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard

Log in to Vendor Central.

  • Click on “Items” in the left-hand menu.
  • Click on “Listing Quality Dashboard”.
  • The dashboard will display a list of all products that have missing or incomplete information.
  • For each product, the dashboard will provide recommendations on what information needs to be added or updated.
  • Click on the “View all improvements” button to update improvements to the product listing for each product.
  • Once you have made the changes, click on the “Save and close” button.


Bulk Option

The Listing Quality Dashboard offers a bulk submission page for making improvements to multiple ASINs at once. It provides step-by-step instructions for uploading the required changes in bulk efficiently:

  • Click on the option “Add missing attributes in bulk” on the Listing Quality Dashboard page.

  • Click on “Download report” and a spreadsheet with the suggested improvements will be downloaded.

  • Enter the applicable information in the highlighted green column. Once you have filled in the required details, use the “Upload file” option to upload your completed sheet onto this page.

  • Once the sheet has been uploaded successfully, it will take around 48 hours for the changes to be live on Amazon.
  • It may happen that some ASINs show errors. To rectify this, you can download the sheet from the “add missing attributes in bulk” page, which is displayed in one of the images shown above.
  • Make the necessary changes to the Recommendation sheet as suggested in the Error sheet, and then re-upload the file.

To effectively utilize the Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard, follow these guidelines

Regularly check the dashboard: Ensure that you review the listing quality of your products at least once a week. This proactive approach allows you to promptly identify and resolve any issues, maximizing sales potential.

Prioritize top products: Maximize your benefits by prioritizing the products that generate the highest sales volume. Analyze and focus on the top-performing products to achieve optimal results.

Customer-centric listing content: Craft your product descriptions with the customer in mind. Enhance readability and consider what type of content would convince your ideal customer to add your product to their cart.

Emphasize visual appeal: Utilize high-resolution, detailed images to instill confidence in potential customers and increase the likelihood of making a sale. Remember, images convey information more effectively than words, especially on Amazon listings.

Use keywords strategically: Avoid keyword stuffing but incorporate relevant keywords that your customers are likely to use when searching for products like yours. Strike a balance to improve discoverability.

Complete backend attributes: Ensure that you provide all the necessary information in the “important product information” sections. Neglecting this step may limit the visibility of your listings more than you realize.

Communicate irrelevant recommendations: If Amazon suggests irrelevant recommendations through the dashboard, notify them by clicking on the three dots and indicating that the recommendation is not applicable. This way, you can save time by avoiding unnecessary suggestions.


The Amazon Listing Quality Dashboard empowers sellers to wield the tools necessary for success on the platform. By streamlining discoverability, protecting visibility, enhancing user experiences, reducing returns, and providing critical insights, this tool becomes an indispensable ally in the competitive world of e-commerce. Embrace the power of the Listing Quality Dashboard, and unlock the potential to elevate your Amazon business to new heights.

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