What is Amazon A+ and Premium A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content is a kind of listing product description that allows brand owners to depict their product features in an advanced manner, by adding descriptive content, charts, videos, high-resolution images, and specific copy like brand tales. This type of content allows merchants to customize the product description of their ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Number) with the assistance of vibrant texts and integrated videos in the product descriptions. 

Also known as Enhanced Brand Content, A+ content is accessible to all vendors and third-party sellers who have registered their brand. This premium feature can be created without any charge. 

Benefits of A+ Content

  • Keyword rich content
  • Showcases the benefits and advantages your product offers to customers, highlighting its USPs.
  • Boost advertisement results, allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.
  • Show more textual information and tell the story of your brand in order to create an emotional connection with potential buyers. 
  • This can be an effective way to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  • Helps buyers form a positive opinion about your product, brand & business.

What is Amazon Premium A+ Content?

Amazon Premium A+ Content (also called A++) is an upgrade from regular A+ Content, offering brands the capacity to display their product’s main benefits and attributes using an advanced and eye-catching structure. 

It comprises 16 diverse modules to select from, along with up to 7 slots of content with a maximum width of 1464px. Thus, Premium A+ Content can give detail pages an additional touch of interactivity and visual appeal.

Among the many benefits of Premium A+, a few remarkable features stand out, such as:

  • More Space
  • Full-width Video
  • Video with text
  • Full-width imagery
  • Navigation Carousel modules
  • Images with hotspots
  • Images with background text
  • Interactive hotspot modules
  • Enhanced comparative tables
  • Testimonials
  • Clickable Q&A Module

Amazon A+ Content Guidelines

Paying attention to the following aspects of A+ content should be prioritized

  • A+ content has no bearing on page ranking since it is not indexed by Amazon. 
  • All content must be unique and original. 
  • The updated A+ Content Manager allows one to preview both the desktop and mobile versions of a page in the same view. 
  • In order to qualify for the promotion, one must submit their A+ content within a month of purchase. 
  • There is an additional fee to creating A+ content for items already listed by vendors. 
  • It is forbidden to mention any competitors or the products they sell. 
  • Modifications can only be made within the first two business days after the page is published. 
  • Finally, Amazon reserves the right to remove an A+ page at any time, though this usually only happens if a vendor chooses to close their account, fails to fulfill orders, or breaches Amazon’s terms and conditions.

How to Create A+ Content on Amazon

In order to craft A+ Content listings, you need to have a professional selling plan and must go through the Amazon Brand Registry process so as to be approved as a brand owner. Following approval, you will only be permitted to add A+ Content to items that are a part of your authorized brand catalog. The procedure for creating A+ content for Amazon is as follows:

  1. Enter your Seller Central login information. Before moving on, make sure your brand is registered.
  2. Click A+ Content Manager under Advertising.
  3. If you would like to begin creating A+ Content, please select the ‘Start Creating A+ Content’ option found on the A+ Content Manager page. Upon doing so, a template will appear which must be filled, in order to continue creating your content:
  • Self-service modules
  • Amazon builds for you
  1. Selecting the “Self-service modules” option will take you to a page where you’ll have to give the ASIN of your product. Subsequently, you’ll be needed to design your layout and content.
  2. If you choose the “Amazon builds for you” option, it’ll lead you to a page where all that is required of you is to upload your content and images.
  3. After choosing, create the layout and upload the content, including any supporting images. Click the Finish button after reviewing the preview.

What not to do when creating A+ Content?

  1. It is important to avoid any symbols or special characters like ™ or ® when writing.
  2. Do not disclose any contact information regarding your company.
  3. Prior to using the module, it is important to confirm all its requirements such as image resolution and size.
  4. Refrain from mentioning your business as a distributor or merchant.
  5. Please refrain from providing any shipping information.
  6. Avoid utilizing quotes from external sources (including citations, reviews, etc.) in your work.
  7. Refrain from including any poor-quality images in your content.
  8. Never use the same product image more than once.
  9. Never create a link to another website.
  10. Make sure that you abide by all Amazon policies and category requirements to ensure a compliant and smooth experience.
  11. Refrain from mentioning any form of guarantee or warranty.
  12. Avoid unsupported or subjective statements such as “The Best” or “The Top” when writing.
  13. Avoid words and phrases such as state-of-the-art, sustainable, environmentally conscious, cutting-edge, etc.
  14. Remember to restrain yourself from overusing capital letters or bold fonts when writing.
  15. It’s best to double-check your content for any spelling mistakes or grammar errors before submitting it. Carefully proofreading it will help ensure the quality of your work is top-notch.

Who can use Amazon A+ content?

  • If you are part of Amazon’s Brand Registry (ABR) program, you will be able to access Amazon A+ Content. This exclusive Vendor Central Program is only available for Brand Owners and Professional Sellers who have been approved by the ABR program.
  • There are two choices available if your request to use Amazon A+ Content is approved:
    1. Basic A+ Content: Amazon gives you access to five basic modules at no cost that is available to all sellers.
    2. Premium A+ Content: As a brand owner or professional seller, you get access to seven separate modules along with exclusive features only available to those approved as brand owners.
  • You have the option to select between four different Self-Service Modules (Basic, Silver, Gold, or Platinum) depending on the fee that you are willing to pay.

Let’s see how we can add A+ Content module

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