What is Amazon Direct Fulfillment?

Amazon Direct Fulfillment (formerly known as Amazon Dropship Central) is a service that allows vendors to ship their products straight to the customer without ever having to go through Amazon itself. Should the vendor choose Amazon Direct Fulfillment, Amazon will act as a listing provider while the vendor picks and packs the order and ships it directly to the customer. Amazon handles everything on the seller’s end.


  • Increasing control over the shipping process: Vendors are free to pick their own carriers and shipping options.
  • By fulfilling customer orders directly, vendors can optimize their order flow and make more sales.
  • Due to improved management and packaging, products are less likely to be damaged during transit.
  • Vendors have the choice to transport goods to clients from various locations dependent on search traffic and inventory levels.
  • Vendors have access to Amazon’s customer service when they use Amazon Direct Fulfillment.


  • Amazon seems to prioritize FBA listings from the search engine results page. This means it is more likely that listings of the vendor registered on Amazon Direct Fulfillment will show up lower in people’s searches.
  • Vendors must have their own dropshipping products, a fulfillment centre, and a shipping system in place before they can start drop shipping. Additionally, the vendor is accountable for adhering to Amazon’s shipping requirements and timeframes.
  • Although Amazon will cover the cost of shipping, the Vendor will still be required to pay for postage up front.

Who is eligible to register for Amazon Direct Fulfillment?

  • A vendor who has an Amazon business registered in that particular region.
  • A vendor who has a warehouse in that region.
  • A vendor with the ability to pick, pack, and deliver orders to customers.
  • Able to fulfill Amazon’s shipping requirements on schedule.

Enrolment process

  • For existing Amazon vendors
  • To gain access to the Direct Fulfillment, submit a support ticket using your Vendor Portal.
  • If you are not a vendor on Amazon-
    1. Request from the vendor’s onboarding contact that the Direct Fulfillment box is checked during Vendor Central setup.
    2. The vendor will be invited to enroll for Amazon Direct Fulfillment during the setup of Vendor Central.
    3. The vendor will be needed to choose their preferred shipping label (either amazon or their own) and the following for your warehouse: Address, open hours, and the pick-up time.
    4. The vendor will get directions on how to update their inventory feed data to Direct Fulfillment within 48 hours.

Here’s how we at StaffCloud update the Direct Fulfillment Inventory levels of the products

  • Option 1: By updating the inventory levels in the Direct Fulfillment section by searching each ASIN.
  • Option 2: One can also update the inventory levels in bulk by uploading an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Option 3: By escalating a case with Amazon Vendor Central support.

So, how may be of service to you?

  • We optimize each product by upgrading the contents and the account’s inventory on a regular or monthly basis as per your requirement. To enable you to grow your business without experiencing any worry, we consistently endeavor to maintain product management.
  • We can keep your products up to date and make sure they’re the most competitive on Amazon’s marketplace.
  • We would be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. E-mail us at, or call us at +91-9326811779.

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