Boost Employee Productivity with DeskTime: A Cloud-Based Tracking Solution

In recent years cloud-based monitoring apps are in high demand in the corporate world. Especially, for online desk jobs in IT companies. DeskTime is one of the best solutions for them. It is a fully automated cloud-based tracking solution to track work progress, productivity, number of hours worked by employees, and effectively manage workflow. It also tracks project wise breakdown of hours spent, and manpower utilized in a particular task. It is very useful for companies to track the working hours of each employee, their time log, and their attendance record. It also helps managers to keep up to date with who’s doing what and the team’s overall work progress on a real-time basis with its various reporting tools. The company can show 100% real-time visibility to clients on the progress of their projects.

Apart from all these trackings, it also tracks in real-time the usage of websites and apps. DeskTime provides detailed visibility on the URLs visited at particular moments and any offline time spent carrying out other specified activities. DeskTime shows the productivity graph of each employee and takes screenshots at regular intervals set by the employer. It also empowers the employees rather than forging a sense of mistrust as management can monitor their dedication, skills, and productivity. Here at PHP Workshop aka DeskTime has proven to increase employee productivity in the recent culture of working remotely or in hybrid mode.

How to log in?

Once the account owner adds an employee to their DeskTime account, an automatic e-mail with the invitation will be sent to the employee’s company email. The email contains the Username & Password along with the download link for the DeskTime app. 


Once you complete the login process, it starts automatically when you turn on your computer every time, then runs unobtrusively in the background.

Special Features

There are several features for the employer as well as the employee’s perspective to manage to work smoothly with keeping the employee’s privileges and privacy.

Private Time

DeskTime has a very good feature called ‘Private time’. It allows employees to do their personal chores without compromising their privacy. As soon as it’s turned on, their automatically tracked work time is paused and all tracking of computer activity ceases.

Offline Time

Sometimes employees need to do some offline work which should be counted toward their working hours. Offline time is a great feature for such situations. The employee can submit the time he spent offline through this feature. It will then be counted online once gets approved by the manager.

Reminder Feature

Employees can set reminders for turning off private time so that their working hours don’t remain uncounted in case they forgot to turn it off back while resuming their work.

For the sake of accuracy and good production, it is a must for the employees to take breaks for refreshments. Some employees are workaholics and forgot to take breaks at intervals so this feature keeps them reminded to take breaks.

Absence Calendar

This is a very helpful feature to keep track of your employee’s records of when they have sick leaves or vacations. Absence Calendar is an efficient tool for managers to see how many employees are on leave so that they can plan work assignments accordingly. Employees have to submit their leaves through the ‘Add Away Time’ button in the Absence Calendar section with particular dates and specific reasons. Managers can approve or deny them as per the workload and necessity of leave.

Everyone wants statistics to calculate productivity, team efficiency, and find bottlenecks to reevaluate things accordingly. DeskTime fulfills all your needs and is the best app I’ve ever seen.

At, we recognize the immense value of effective time management and productivity tracking in today’s dynamic work environment. That’s why we have implemented DeskTime as our go-to solution for employee monitoring and project management. With DeskTime’s comprehensive features and real-time tracking capabilities, we have witnessed a significant increase in employee productivity, especially in our remote and hybrid work settings. By utilizing DeskTime, we have been able to foster a culture of accountability, empower our team members, and ensure optimal efficiency in all our operations. As a result, we have consistently achieved our project goals while maintaining a high level of productivity and meeting client expectations.

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