Meerabai Ki Canteen (Office Canteen)

by Simran Aswani

CANTEEN, the only place we reach on time! Coming in the morning on an empty stomach and feeling worn out after working, desperately waiting for lunch, settling on the tables, and chit-chatting while having the food, perhaps the most awaited 45 minutes of the day for everyone!  

CANTEEN! What’s the first thing that comes to your mind after hearing this word? That junk and oily fast food with loaded calories can definitely satisfy your hunger pangs but end up depriving the body of essential nutrients, leading to various ailments, right??

But in our canteen, this is taken very seriously, yes “Our Health”, indeed. Our current sedentary lifestyle is leading us toward a disease-prone future where what we eat plays a vital role. Keeping that in mind, they make an effort to serve the staff a wholesome and healthy lunch. Moving ahead, could I please ask you all a question..? 

What do you miss the most when you spend a lot of time away from home…??

“Ghar ka Khana” Is that right? 

It is said that nothing beats home-cooked meals. We all yearn for home-cooked food when we are away from our homes. Here, at the canteen, every effort is made to prepare and serve homemade kinds of meals with absolute hygiene, keeping the canteen, utensils, and surroundings tidy. Additionally, it is mandated that everyone should wash their hands before entering the canteen. 

In order to make sure everything is up to par, our boss, Mr. Sailesh Agrawal, occasionally makes a visit to the canteen. He personally tastes everything to ensure that the meal that is served to us has an appropriate taste.

Self-service – Why is it permitted? One perk that should not be overlooked is that there is no limit to the amount of food we can consume, we may eat as much as we want. However, it is ensured here that no one should disrespect the food by throwing away whatever remains on their plate. One of the reasons why we are permitted to self-serve is because only we know how much food we will need. Each employee here is accountable for not exploiting this freedom in a way that wastes food.

Talking about our canteen, how could I not mention what are we served?

  • Regularly eating like Dal, Rice, Chapati, and Salad
  • One dry Sabzi (curry) and one with gravy are served as the main meal.
  • Sometimes we receive complimentary Sprouts, Matha, Kadi, Dahi, and Raita.
  • On Fridays, a heavy lunch is served that typically includes sabzi with puris, and a dessert to welcome the weekend.
  • ‘Chawal ki kheer’, gulab jamun, and jalebi are included in the desert.
  • ‘Aam ka Panna’ and ice cream are also provided to us during the sweltering summer months.

Sach btana muh mai pani aaya na aapke bhi? On some days, even the plate’s five compartments may not be enough to hold everything.

Going ahead, you know what even have an electronic food warmer machine at our canteen that is utilized to keep the food warm, hot, fresh, and flavorful even after it has been prepared for quite a while. It is the one thing that is very needed, at least for me, because I prefer to be served hot, freshly cooked meals. I mean, who doesn’t love receiving hot, freshly cooked meals, after all?

Last but not least to sum up my article, or more accurately, I wouldn’t be doing my article justice if, I did not grab some limelight to all of the wonderful aunts/cooks who work behind our Staffcloud canteen to ensure that we, the employees here, get the best cuisine, leaving no room for us to miss our home-cooked meals. Heartfelt gratitude to them!!

Let’s Have A Glimpse of Our StaffCloud Canteen

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