How to list your products in bulk on Walmart?

How to list your products in bulk on Walmart?

Walmart Marketplace is a fast-growing e-commerce platform, similar to Amazon, where third-party sellers and wholesalers can list products for a large audience. Sellers control their pricing, shipping, and return policies, while shoppers can browse and buy both Walmart-sold and third-party items on

Which products can be sold on Walmart?

While Walmart Marketplace offers a vast collection of sellable products, there are some restrictions to consider. Sellers cannot list products if they originate from or pass through certain jurisdictions, including Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Syria, and specific regions of Ukraine: Luhansk People’s Republic, Donetsk People’s Republic, and the Crimean Peninsula.

To ensure a smooth selling experience on Walmart Marketplace, please note that certain product categories and brands require pre-approval from Walmart before listing them. These categories include:

  • Fragrance
  • Luxury brands
  • Software
  • Cell phones and accessories
  • Jewelry and precious metals
  • Halloween and certain seasonal items
  • Custom content

To sell products in any of these categories, contact Walmart Seller Support to initiate the pre-approval process.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 1

List products in bulk on Walmart

Sellers with a large number of items or those selling across multiple marketplaces can benefit from bulk uploading, facilitating faster listing, leveraging existing product information, and streamlining catalog management.

Full Item Spec for New Items:

For sellers new to Walmart or with a larger catalog, using Walmart’s Full Item Spec facilitates the creation of new items and variant groups, ensuring all required sections are filled out for successful publishing.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 2

  1. Access the Items dashboard and select ‘Manage items’ followed by ‘Add items’.
  2. Select the link labeled ‘Walmart template’ found within the ‘Upload spreadsheet’ section.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 3
  3. Select the preferred fulfillment type and download a spec sheet for each item category, with the option to choose up to seven categories.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 4
  4. Apply and download the Full Item Spec from the chosen categories, ensuring completion of required sections for successful item publication.
  5. Optionally, fill out recommended sections for an enhanced customer experience.
  6. Upload the completed spec in the Add Items in Bulk dashboard and monitor the upload status shortly after submission.
  7. Successfully processed items will appear on the Items dashboard.

Set Up Items by Match:

Sellers with existing products on can use Quick Setup by Match by providing identifiers such as UPC or ISBN to match existing listings, with completed specs uploaded for processing.

  1. Upload a product list containing identifiers like UPC, GTIN, or ISBN. They’ll be matched to existing listings.
  2. Access the Items dashboard, select ‘Manage items,’ and ‘Add Items’.
  3. Choose the ‘Walmart template’ link under ‘Upload a spreadsheet’ and opt for ‘Seller Fulfilled’ as the fulfillment type.
  4. Download the Quick Setup by Match spec from the provided link.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 5
  5. Fill out all attributes in the blue Required section thoroughly to avoid feed errors.
  6. Upload the completed spec in the ‘Add Items in Bulk’ dashboard and monitor upload progress in the Activity Feed dashboard.
  7. Once processed successfully, the items will be visible on the Items dashboard.

Upload a Spreadsheet:

A listing report or custom spreadsheet from an existing marketplace can be uploaded directly into the Seller Center.

  1. Ensure the spreadsheet contains the necessary attributes to avoid errors during uploading.
  2. Access the ‘Manage Items’ option on the Items dashboard and choose ‘Add items.’
  3. Under ‘Upload a spreadsheet,’ drag and drop the file or browse from the desktop to select it.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 6
  4. After uploading, a checkmark will confirm the file upload.
  5. Click ‘Next’ to submit the file and then select ‘Import items.’
  6. If needed, activate Walmart experts to assist in aligning the catalog with Walmart standards at no extra cost.
  7. Alternatively, import the storefront URL under ‘Import store’ and validate it.
  8. Submit the URL and ensure all required attributes are filled out to avoid items remaining as drafts.
  9. Locate drafts using the search bar or filters and edit them accordingly, filling out the necessary information.
  10. Once all required attributes are updated, submit the changes.
  11. Track the upload status on the Activity Feed dashboard.
  12. Successfully processed items will appear on the Items dashboard, no longer in draft status.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 7

Completing the setup process for items involves adding inventory in the following steps:

  1. After using the chosen bulk upload method, locate the item on the Items dashboard.
  2. Utilise search options like SKU, Item ID, or Item Name to find the item.
  3. Once located, select the checkbox next to the item(s) added.
  4. If the items share an inventory count and use the same fulfillment center, specify the inventory quantity.
  5. For items with varying inventory or fulfillment details, download an inventory spec.
  6. Access ‘Manage items’ and then ‘Update items’ on the Items dashboard to choose the fulfillment type.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 8
  7. Select ‘By Template’ and opt for the inventory spec. Fill in the SKU, inventory quantity, and Fulfillment Center ID.
  8. Upload the completed spec back into the Update Inventory dialogue box.How to list your products in bulk on Walmart? Image 9

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