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Amazon Vendor Support Services

StaffCloud offers Complete suite of services to list and maintain your products in Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central. It includes New Item Setup, Browse Node Assignment, Attribute Backfilling, Image Editing, etc.

New ASIN Setup Process

Full item setup:
  • Create new item setup using Amazon’s item setup templates
  • Capture information from the brand’s website and fill all required attributes in the template given.
  • Format information removes promotional or subjective lines and keep information relevant to product as per Amazon’s guideline.
  • Upload NIS templates
  • Track upload status
  • Fix errors when items get rejected
Complete Image processing:
  • Download High-Resolution images that meet Amazon Image Guidelines
  • Image editing if required using Photoshop
  • Bulk image renaming as per Amazon’s recommended the naming convention
  • Bulk uploading through Vendor Central or S3 Browser
  • Track upload status
  • Fix errors when images get rejected
Attribute Backfill Refinement:
  • Search and fill missing required attribute information
  • Maintain consistency with built-in Amazon’s Valid Values
  • Search missing bullet points and description
Browse Node Assignment:
  • Assign missing browse nodes to ASIN after thorough research on the product
  • Fix incorrect browse nodes and replace it with correct browse nodes
Product Family Creation:
  • Create a Parent and Child ASINs family based on size, color, style name, etc.

Vendor Central and Seller Central Ordering and Invoicing Process

Order Confirmation:
  • Calculate Expected Delivery date as per instruction
  • Confirm orders
  • Cancellation, when an item is discontinued or out of stock
Order Processing:
  • Downloads orders twice a week or as suggested by clients
  • Organize orders by Suppliers
  • Contact suppliers to process orders within the expected delivery date
  • Get Proforma Invoice from supplier
  • Cross-check pricings to make sure we are in profit or not
  • Make sure order is confirmed from supplier
  • Arrange transportation for warehouses
  • ASN (Advance Shipment Notification) submission: Create a booking for Amazon delivery
  • Create Invoice as soon as Proof of Delivery is received
Proof of Delivery:
  • Provides all Proofs of delivery to Amazon and get it approved when shortages are generated
Open and Resolve Cases:
  • Open cases to resolve issues
  • Keep clients informed
  • Get them resolved with continuous communication with Amazon support team
Maintain Logs:
  • Keep a log of each and every process in an organized way
  • Generates yearly, half-yearly, monthly reports of revenues

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