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New Customer Interface Portal

Launch of our new customer interface portal

We are pleased to announce that we have incorporated our customers feedback and Launched our new customer interface cum Project management portal, Workhorse!. With this portal, you can now:

  • Assign new tasks to your team
  • Check on the status of existing tasks, and update them with additional information.
  • Multiple people can collaborate on one project.
  • Have visibility into all open tasks for your organization.
  • This portal acts as a repository of all the work related files.

To use Workhorse! You must have login credential provided to access the Workhorse at These Credentials are provided on request of primary contact from client side. Please write to if you need access.

If you have feedback about the portal, or any problems accessing it, please don’t hesitate to write to This is a new effort, and there will obviously be a rocky period of growth and adjustment before things smooth out.

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