PHP Workshop’s
Movie Date

All work and no play is no way for a workforce to operate and we understand this very well. We believe that – Just like batteries, human needs to be recharged in terms of their creativity, motivation and positive energy. And for this reason various Team outings and functions are planned and executed from time to time. We have planned to share more about such events in our website in future.

Recently, Company’s employees and interns accompanied by their spouse/family were taken for a movie outing to a Multiplex for an afternoon show. The visit was full of fun and entertainment where all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The outing was then followed by team lunch in the office canteen where all played games and some social messages were given through Audio Visuals. Conclusion of the session was done by Company’s Founder, Mr. Shailesh Agrawal, where he shared his words of wisdom and motivation with all the employees.

This type of Company outing helps everybody to know each other better regardless of the position they hold in Company which clearly creates a stronger team and boosts productivity to bring about overall benefit. And we always look forward to hold such events and gathering as per the time.

As it is said – “The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel. And if your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers”. We value our customers and employees equally and we share a strong bond with both. This type of occasions and events further strengthens our bond and helps us to serve our clients more efficiently.

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