How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce?

How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce?

SPS Commerce provides streamlined cloud-based supply chain solutions, encompassing electronic data integration (EDI) systems, order processing software, inventory management programs, and analytical databases. It links retailers to manufacturers’ platforms and shipping companies to retail systems, enhancing coordination and compliance with shipping regulations. This boosts efficiency, lowers costs, and supports omnichannel shopping (physical stores and e-commerce). SPS Commerce enhances inter-organizational collaboration with real-time data analysis for informed decision-making and improves supply chain visibility and information sharing.

Let’s explore the invoicing process on SPS Commerce in detail.

  1. Upon logging in, the SPS interface appears. SPS is primarily utilized to generate and submit invoices for purchase orders. Here, we can incorporate the invoice for the particular order from SPS.
  2. Select the Fulfillment application and then click on the transactions.How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 1
  3. After selecting the Transactions section the interface displays as shown below. How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 2
  4. Choose the Advanced Search button to incorporate search criteria. Here, you can search by a specific date range, Partner, and Document type. By specifying a date range, you can view orders received within that period. Using the Partner option allows you to filter orders associated with a specific partner. Within Document type, you can filter orders by selecting the Order option from the dropdown menu.How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 3
  5. Next, we need to create the invoice for this order in Xero. All necessary details, such as PO Date, Order Id, Vendor Name, SKU of the ordered product, UPC, Description of the product, and quantity, are displayed in the SPS order.How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 4
  6. Following the invoice generation in Xero, we need to attach the invoice to the SPS order. To do so, choose the billing option for the order you are processing.How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 5
  7. The interface appears as shown after clicking on the New button in the Billing section. Choose the Create New button and continue.How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 6
  8. Next, we need to input the Invoice number generated for this order in Xero and include the Bill of Lading information for this Order. Once completed, click on the Send All button, and the invoice will be linked to the SPS Order.How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 7
  9. After adding all the required information the Xero invoice will be attached to the SPS Order.
    1. Discount Included on Invoice?: In this, we have to select whether the discount is applicable to the order or NOT.
    2. Basis: Select either Delivery Date OR Invoice Date.
    3. Shipped Date: Add the shipped date of the Order.
    4. Transportation Type: Add the transportation type from the dropdown menu.
    5. SCAC Code: Add the Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) code.
    6. Carrier PRO/BOL Code: Add either carrier reference/tracking number or Bill of lading number.
    7. Carrier PRO/Bill of Lading #: Add the carrier reference number or Bill of Landing number.How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 8
  10. Once the invoice is incorporated with the SPS Order it appears as shown in the below image.How to do Invoicing on SPS Commerce? Image 9

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